Sakyadhita is the International Association of Buddhist Women. Their goal is to benefit Buddhist women around the world. Established in 1987, the organization has nearly 2,000 members in 45 countries worldwide.
Sakyadhita provides a communications network among Buddhist women internationally. Their members are working to achieve gender equality in Buddhism and equal opportunities for education and training of Buddhist women around the world. Members cooperate to help women reach their potential as academics, professionals, teachers, counselors, artists, community organizers and compassionate social activists.

One of Sakyadhita’s members and coordinator from the Spanish branch, Montse Castellá, contacted me because they needed a poster to promote a conference they were going to hold in Barcelona.
I am very happy I have had this great opportunity to help this wonderful organization and these powerful women with my graphic design skills. For this project, I did research in order to know more about what they do and what they stand for. The communication with the team involved was easy and energetic.
For this poster we wanted to use a powerful Buddhist representation. We chose the image of Bodhisattva, which represents Buddha and the search for illumination, which is something that inspires every Buddhist practitioner.
The image had many powerful elements and this helped me to create an elegant, feminine and ‘Zen’ poster.
We are very happy and satisfied with Noemi’s work. From the beginning of this project, she has shown a high level of professionality, which you can also see represented in the design of the poster.
In order to get this job done efficiently, Noemi started by gathering all essential information. I would also like to point out the quick response and fast delivery of her work. In a very short time we received the first draft. We hardly made any changes to it. It matched our expectations. Besides that, the poster reflects her exquisite taste of combining the colors of the image and Sakyadhita’s logo.
Montse Castellá, Sakyadhita's coordinator Spanish branch.

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