The Coordinadora Catalana d'Entitats Budistes (CCEB) plays a coordinating role for Buddhist centers in Catalonia. It was born in 2007 in response to the need to coordinate and create synergies between the entities and Buddhist centers of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands with the will to integrate and represent Buddhism in our society.

The CCEB contacted me because they needed a poster to promote a conference about the climate crisis.
The goal of this conference was to analyze the global crisis in the light of Buddhism and try to come out with some actions that could contribute to the process of curbing and removing this crisis from the point of no return.

The idea behind the poster:
The center of the circle represents Buddhism and the vision and influence of Buddhism on the climate change, ecology and the topics that were going to be discussed in the conference. Surrounding Buddha’s figure, I wanted to represent some of the elements that are in danger (human beings, animals, etc.). The circular shape is also a representation of planet earth.
With the picture in the background and the chosen colors, I wanted to give more dynamism and symbolism to the composition. The yellow light coming from the bottom of the poster gives the idea of ​​reaching the ‘illumination’ (also a main concept in Buddhism) or the idea of getting answers to today’s ecological problems.

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